CCTV Security Cameras

At SHAY the Professional Locksmith, we understand how important cameras can be for your home’s security. We are pleased to be your security consultant in designing a system to help you view what you need to view.

Cameras In All Shapes and Sizes: We offer a wide variety of cameras. Some can see in total darkness, some are shaped like common household items, and some can move and zoom with your control.

Which Recording Device Is Best For You? The most common devices are digital video recorders (DVRs) which are stored on local devices at your location with a built-in hard drive. You can view previous recordings for possibly many years with a variety of quality and performance options and features.

IP-Based Cameras: Technology has become much more reliable and higher quality with IP-based cameras. These cameras record directly to network-attached storage devices, the “Cloud Network” or internal flash memory for a stand-alone device to be installed in remote areas.

Give us a call so we can come to your home and find out what type of camera system would best fit your needs and budget.