Apt door issue? your key turn 360 Deg? inside tumbturn or key turn skipps? we know your issue, if you have jimmy proof usually installed in 1980 which back then was the best quality you are lucky it lasted 40 years, since 2000 untill today jimmy proofs materials used are lowest quality which cost at home hardware $25-$40 means, in china to make a lock cost then around $3-$5 untill it reach North america price with shipping duty and home hardware profit price is as mention $25-$40. Those jimmy proof on every job we have lock issue the piece on pictures always breaks, but on 1980 locks it doesnt. unfortunly the most expensive jimmy proof is YALE company which cost $75-$125, It doesnt mean it will last 40 years.

if you have lockout issue please call us. We can have other solutions for diffrent system locks. Call us 


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