Adams Rite 8410 Narrow Stile Mortise Exit Device

Adams Rite 8410 Narrow Stile Mortise Exit Device –  Clear Anodized Faceplate

Adams rite is north America #1 lock manufacturing producing top quality products but sometimes if the products are not well maintained problems may occur, the most famous issue is latch not retracting, a good example is show on before and after, on the deadlatch there is 2 set screws which will get loosen in time and exit device may go out of is place and push from inside wont function anymore you’ll get stuck inside the store or building. when a problem like that occur you must call us we’ll fix it in no time. 514-836-9097.

Below are specs of adams rite exit device taken from assa site. 


Stile Width: Minimum 2” Stile. Fits narrow, medium, and wide stile aluminum doors.

8400 Series Certifications: UL 305 Panic Hardware, ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1, California State Fire Marshall,New York City MEA

Handing: Specify handing and bevel if applicable.

Pushbar Length: Standard sizes: dimensioned for 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” openings. Standard width bars can be field cut to the next smallest opening width.

Backset: Backsets available in 31/32”, 1-1/8”, and 1-1/2”

Face Shape:  Flat, Radius, Beve

Door Thickness: Suits 1-3/4” standard. Can be modified for thicker doors.

Projection: 2-5/8” when fully projected, 1-5/8”when dogged.

Cylinder x Fixed Pull: (Function 03): Accepts any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam (not included).

For Mortise Cylinders

Dogging: Standard dogging with hex key or cylinder dogging option.

Fasteners: Standard self-tapping screws.

Warranty: Five year limited.

Strike: Standard strike included.


• Heavy duty deadlatching mechanism

• Strong, durable construction for a high level of security

• Easy to install

• Clean, unobtrusive design

• Fits standard cutout used for the Adams Rite MS® Deadlock on aluminum stile glass doors

Model: 8800, 8410-27130, 8410-37130, 8410-47130, 8410-28130, 8410-38130, 8410-48130, 8410-27136, 8410-37136, 8410-47136, 8410-28136, 8410-38136, 8410-48136, 8410-27142, 8410-37148, 8410-47142, 8410-28148, 8410-38142, 8410-48148

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