At Shay Locksmith we are committed to provide the fastest yet without damaging your existing safe/vault and to provide you with the lost combination code. We know that sometimes it keep memories from passed away parents or other relatives important to you, But most locksmiths today do the fast way Drilling and Damaging your safe, That could cost $300-$1000 which most likely you’ll need to dump to garbage since there will be holes or major repair, or some cases you’ll need to get rid of your safe but taking it out from you business or home and that could be fairly heavy safe/vault which required 2-3 people, truck with lift or trailer and place you could dump your safe, Good luck, prepare to pay up $300-$1500 medium size safe removal. the bigger the more expensive. At shay locksmith we try to solve that issue, We’ve invested in high tech Italian machine that could find most code within hours not days. call us to find out more 514-836-9097  
  • We must see picture of your safe email us
  • It must be Dial Not digital
  • It must be Group 2 3 Wheels or 4 Wheels S&G, LAGARD
  • Price Varies Average approximately $500.00 and up
  • Your lost combination will be given to you congratulation you saved your safe without damage.



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