Security Tips

Throughout the Montreal area–and provinces there has been an epidemic of phony locksmiths trained to take advantage of those in bad situations. They charge several times what their services are worth, many of which are fraudulent to begin with. Want to protect yourself from becoming the next victim? Use these steps to find a reputable locksmith.

We hope you will trust SHAY LOCKSMITH, but if you don’t go to us, please do your research and use a reputable and legitimate company.

Before hiring a locksmith, here’s what to look and ask for:

1. When the company answers their phone, make sure they mention the same company name as you are calling and not something else or something general like “Locksmith.”

2. Ask them what their address is and make sure it matches their ad.

3. Ask for an exact price over the phone. If they leave it open, chances are you will spend too much. We can quote the exact amount before going to customers’ homes and businesses more than 85% of the time.

4. Ask if they are members of the Associated Locksmiths of America, a national certification that qualifies true locksmiths who care about their trade and profession. To find a list of certified locksmiths, go to BSP

5. Make sure their company vehicles are clearly marked.

6. Check that their invoices show the same company you called and clearly identify how you can reach them in case you have questions or problems later Don’t forget in Quebec taxes are obliged.

7. Make sure they charged you what they quoted.

8. If an issue occur go to file police report then contact bsp.