GMS locks was introduce to us by our suppliers as low cost economic high security lock which provide our clients with economic solution as key control just as medeco and other high security locks, our keys won’t be possible to duplicate at any hardware store or different locksmith who is carry the same keyway all our keys are stamped with our company name and phone number, any locksmith as other medeco approved dealer same deal No duplication otherwise they will loose their contract and no longer will be able to sell GMS locks, so no locksmith will be willing to take that risk, our keyway is much more cheaper then higher brand name is even more protected then big brand names, we are confident that you will like the security of it and will purchased more locks on your future expansion of your business, Today cost of medeco key copy is $20.00, the cost of GMS keys is 8$, our system is made for buildings that required high number of keys calculate the cost or medeco lock and I’m pretty sure you’ll choose GMS locks. Contact us for estimation over the phone its fast and easy 514-836-9097

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