Peso Strike, EFF EFF Strike or other marks strike issues.

You came to the right place, At shay locksmith we get those issues often, Most cheaper brand strike usually installed in Duplexes, Appartement buildings, and some business. here is a few things you need to know. Manufacturing compagnies advise wholesales THAT THERE IS NO WARRANTY on all strikes including RCI strike. The moment its installed warranty is void. Most locksmith going to recharge you for the strike. it has approx. 150-300 lbs force which is very low and strike/latch could easily break. to Avoid this issue we have special brand which is heavy duty strike full metal could hold up 800lbs of force we’ve tested in a building where 3 strike broke in a year. since we replaced there is no issues anymore. 

  • Door open without calling the tenant?
  • Strike had click noise every time you pull door?
  • Door stay open all time. 



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