In-Floor Safes

In-floor safe designed for installation in concrete B-rated
burglary construction (1/2″ solid steel door and 1/4″ solid steel body)
Heavy duty hinges (Coil spring makes it easy to open and close the door)
All sides seamlessly welded
Armed with drill resistant steel hard plate construction
Hefty solid chrome plated locking bolt with independent re-locking device
Full length locking bar to deter prying attack on hinges
Steel dust cover included for flush floor installation and concealment
9″ X 11″ door opening
Various sizes available according to customer preference

¢º Lock options

  • E – Electronic Lock
  • C – Changeable Combination Lock
  • K – Dual Key Lock (Double Bitted Key Lock is optional.)

EF - 01FS - B131035635618834434451
12 1/514147 2/513 1/213 1/2112
EF - 02FS - B2410
16 1/7
EF - 03FS - B3516
20 1/3
EF - 04FS - B4457